Dr. Terry Moyer Young

PT, DPT, Cert.DN

Terry was born in the Philadelphia area and grew up in Strasburg, PA, Pennsylvania Dutch Country. She graduated from Lampeter-Strasburg High School as an Art Major and attended York Academy of Art. She began working with Standardbred racehorses in 1976. She married and moved to Fayetteville, NC, in 1979, where her then-husband was stationed in the 82nd Airborne. She continued making her living working with horses, moving to Southern Pines. She began taking classes at Sandhills Community College in 1985 and graduated in 1988, transferring to Temple University and graduating with a BS in Physical Therapy in 1990. She was divorced and met and married Rick Young in 1993.

Terry has worked in a wide variety of settings, including Pinehurst Rehab Center, Brandywine Trauma Hospital for ten years, as PT Director at Community Hospital of Lancaster, and completed a two-year specialty in Shoulder Rehab at Lancaster Rehab and Sports Medicine. She worked for Argosy Health in an on-site industrial setting, providing services for Hershey Chocolate, Reese’s Chocolate, Alcoa Aluminum, High Steel Company, QVC, and many others. She was a partner at Southern Pines Physical Therapy for over nine years before leaving the partnership and establishing Aberdeen Physical Therapy and Wellness with her husband, Rick. Terry has a strong interest in sports rehabilitation, running mechanics, and back, neck, and general orthopedic rehab with an emphasis in manual therapy.

Her interests include reading, cooking, gardening, old houses, music, running, walking, and camping. She enjoys supporting her kid’s activities and follows drag racing and NASCAR racing when she can. Terry is an American Physical Therapy Association Advanced Clinical Instructor and teaches students on their affiliations. Current schools include Winston-Salem State, Elon University, and East Carolina University.

  • T. Still University, Mesa, AZ. Doctor of Physical Therapy 2021
  • Certified in Dry Needling (Cert.DN), Licensure: Currently licensed in North Carolina. 
  • American Physical Therapy Association Advanced Clinical Instructor Since 1/23/2010
  • Temple University College of Allied Health Professions, Philadelphia, PA. Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy 1990 
  • Sandhills Community College Pinehurst, NC. 1988 Associates Degree in General Education
  • York Academy of Art, York, PA. Attended 1975-1976.
  • Lampeter-Strasburg High School, Lampeter, PA 1975.

Current Practice: Owner / Partner with Rick Young PT, MPT, AIB/VRC, CMTPT/MTT, CODN

  • Start date 10/2010: Manual orthopedic therapy, total joint rehabilitation (shoulder, elbow, knee, hip), geriatric, shoulder rehab specialty, overhead athletic rehab, running mechanics, cervical, thoracic and low back, elbow, hand, hip, knee and ankle rehab, Parkinson’s disease, MS, chronic pain

Advanced Clinical Instructor

  • Elon, Winston-Salem State, Central Carolina Community College

Southern Pines Physical Therapy LLC

  • co-owner/partner 7/2001- 9/2010

Private Practice Orthopedic/general practice

  • total joint replacement, shoulder specialty, manual therapy, chronic pain, cervical thoracic, low back – Advanced Clinical Instructor, Duke, Elon University

Brandywine Trauma Hospital 10/1991-7/2001

  • Fulltime and part-time inpatient and outpatient care, weekend senior staff member Trauma care, short term/ post-op rehab, Head injury, wound, amputee and burn care, PT at Brandywine Rehabilitation Associates, Brandywine’s outpatient PT, Prenatal PT, Myofacial PT

Hershey PT Services, Lititz PA.

  • Private practice general orthopedic 2/2001-7/2001

Western Berks Physical Therapy Robesonia PA 11/2000-2/2001

  • Private practice, general manual orthopedic setting. Body Balance for Performance Golf franchise

Argosy Health Onsite 4/1998-10/2000

  • Worker’s Compensation onsite industrial physical therapy services provided for multiple companies, including: Hershey Chocolate and Reese’s Chocolate, Hershey PA: M&M Mars, Y&S Candies, Yellow Freight Trucking, Penn Trucking, High Steel companies, QVC, Burnham Boiler Company, Alcoa Aluminum, Lancaster Pa, Defense Distribution Center, Harrisburg Pa, Primex Ordinance, General Dynamics, York PA, Bolman Hat Company, Adamstown Pa, Ames Hardware Distribution Center, Leesport PA, Giorgio Mushrooms, 4 Seasons Produce Company, Reamstown PA, Letterkenny Army Depot

Keystone Rehabilitation, Ephrata PA 11/1997-4/1998

  • Outpatient and Ephrata Hospital based PT. Inpatient and outpatient services

Lancaster Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine PC 11/1995- 8/1997

  • Private practice manual orthopedics: each therapist responsible for a specialty area, I was the shoulder specialist, and all therapists cross-trained in hand, spine, hip, knee, and foot rehab

American Industrial Therapy, Lebanon PA. 1/1995-11/1995

  • Private practice general orthopedic and work rehabilitation

Lebanon Leader Nursing Home/ Manor Care Lebanon PA. 12/1994-3/1995

  • Long term and short term nursing home physical therapy

Therapists Unlimited, Horsham PA 6/1994-12/1994

  • Contract PT services at multiple settings and at Lebanon Leader Nursing Home

Community Hospital of Lancaster, Lancaster PA 8/1992-11/1994

  • Physical Therapy Director. Outpatient general orthopedic and neuro and Inpatient PT for the hospital, Formal Inpatient chronic pain program PT, diabetic wound and general wound care 

Brandywine Trauma Hospital, Coatesville PA 10/1991-7-2001

  • as noted above. FT/PT X 10 years

Pinehurst Rehabilitation Center 9/1990-9/1991 Pinehurst NC

  • Staff PT, general outpatient orthopedics, aquatic PT, manual PT, chronic pain, contracted with Richmond Memorial Hospital inpatient and outpatient, Home Health Services of Richmond county and also worked as primary PT part-time at McCain Correctional Hospital

Pinehurst Rehab and Community Hospital of Lancaster From 1985

  • Volunteer

Terry has broad clinical experience and has worked in multiple settings.

  • Shoulder Rehab Specialist since 1995. Upper extremity athletes.
  • Chronic Pain Therapist since 1993
  • Neck and headache pain
  • Running mechanics since 1991
  • Manual Therapist with education in multiple techniques
  • Lower back pain
  • Knee and foot pain
  • Hypermobility syndromes therapy
  • Dance and performance medicine
  • Sports specific therapy for equestrian athletes
  • Taping, Kinesio taping, Leuko taping
  • Dry Needling
  • Total joint replacement rehabilitation
  • The FMT RockPods Myofascial Cupping Certification, 5-2021. 
  • “Shirley Sahrmann on Diagnostic Labels and Low Back Pain: Defining Physical Therapists’ Movement Expertise” ATSU virtual live course 4-2021.
  • DN-1: Dry Needling for Cranial Facial, Cranial Thoracic, and Upper Extremity Conditions: An Evidence Based Approach. The Dry Needling Institute American Academy of Manipulative Therapy: Dr. Raymond Butts, 4-2021. 
  • DN-2 Dry Needling for Lumbo-pelvic and Lower Extremity Conditions: An Evidence Based Approach. The Dry Needling Institute American Academy of Manipulative Therapy: Dr. Raymond Butts, 3-2021
  • Special Topics in Shoulder Rehabilitation: Todd S. Ellenbecker, DPT, MS, SCS, OCS, CSCS: ATSU, 2-2021 
  • Capstone Course ATSU: Multimodal Approach to Hypermobility Syndromes versus standard care. 1-24-2021 
  • Diagnosing and Managing Hypermobile Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder: Leslie Russek, PT, DPT, Ph.D., OCS 1-2021 
  • COVID-19 information for clinical staff and all office staff members. 3-23-2020 
  • Introduction to Dance Medicine/Myopain Seminars 7-2020 
  • Concussion Management 2020: The Latest and Greatest; Dr. Kevin Carneiro and Dr. Karen McCulloch, Elon University 12-2020. 
  • Informed Care to the Transgender or Nonbinary Patient/EIM Evidence in Motion 10-2019 
  • NYU Principles of Dance Medicine: Management of the Dancer Patient, NYU Langone Health, NYU School of Medicine, Harkness Center for Dance Injuries 7/18-20/2019
  • -NYU Principles of Dance Medicine: Special Focus on the Spine and Upper Extremity: Cervicothoracic Spine Evaluation and Treatment of the Dancer: Focus on Spine and Upper Extremity: Upper Extremity Testament and Movement Dysfunction in Dance 3-2019. 
  • NYU Principles of Dance Medicine: Special Focus on the Knee: ACL Injuries and Dance; Pathogenesis of Anterior Knee Pain Among Dancers 3-2019.
  • NYU Principles of Dance Medicine: Special Focus on the Foot and Ankle; Lateral Ankle Sprains 101; Special Focus on the Foot and Ankle: The Posterior Ankle; Os Trigonum Excision: Posteromedial Approach; Special Focus on the Foot and Ankle: Function and Injury in the Dancer; Special Focus on the Foot and Ankle: Matching the Shoe to the Dancer, 3–2019.
  • New York University NYU School of Medicine: Intro to Dance Medicine and Survey of Dance Injuries, 12-2018, Diagnostic Imaging in Dance Medicine 12-2018; Stress Fractures in Dancers, 12-2018; The Use of Anti-inflammatory Medication’s in Dancers, 1-2019; Review of Current Literature Regarding Best Treatment of Concussion in the Dancer; Health Considerations for the Adolescent Dancer; A Potpourri of Things Often Missed; Influence of Nutrition on Dancer Health and Performance; Functional Tests to Assess Pointe Readiness, 2-2019.
  • Explain Pain 3 with David Butler, Lorimer Moseley, and Mark Jensen of the Neuro Orthopedic Group from Australia. Course completed in Philadelphia 12-4-2016
  • Female Triad: New Perspectives in Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of the Disorder 11-29-2015.
  • Evidence Based Practice: Whiplash, Mike Schmitt PT, DPT, OSC et al. 10-10-2014. 
  • Southeastern Orthopedic Sports Medicine and Shoulder Center: Post Operative Shoulder Stiffness: Conservative and Surgical Treatment Approaches 5/22/2014
  • APTA Learning Center: Barefoot Running: So Easy a Caveman Did It! 1/11/2014
  • APTA Learning Center: Drugs Used to Treat Pain and Inflammation Part II: NSAIDS 6/16/2014
  • APTA Learning Center; Medical Screening for Oncology Issues in Outpatient Physical Therapy 6/19/2014
  • CSM10: A Biomechanical Approach to Restoring Function in Knee Osteoarthritis: Incorporating Evidence into Clinical Practice 6/28/2014
  • CSM 11: Biomechanical Factors Underlying Running Injuries; Proximal and Distal Factors 6/28/2014
  • CSM 11: Multiple Sclerosis, Improving Physical Therapy Outcomes by Minimizing Neurogenic Fatigue and Maximizing Neuroplasticity 6/29/2014
  • APTA Professionalism Series 6: Exploring Behaviors, Spirituality, and Healthcare Among Cultures. 6/16/2014
  • APTA Professionalism Series 4: Cultural Professionalism 9/22/2012
  • APTA Learning Center: Drugs Used to Treat Pain and Inflammation I: Opioids 9/22/2012
  • APTA Professionalism Series 5: Emotional Intelligence 12/2/2012
  • North Carolina Physical Therapy Association: Introduction to Kinesiotaping Methods 10/31/2009
  • North Carolina Physical Therapy Association: Topics in Aging: End-of-Life Issues and Elder Abuse: the Therapist Role in Identification and Prevention 10/31/2009
  • North Carolina Physical Therapy Association: Strengthening the Abdominal, Lumbar and Pelvic Muscles after Episodes of Pain Induced Weakness 10/31/2009
  • North Carolina Continuing Competence Requirements for Physical Therapy Licensure: Question-and-Answers 10/30/2009
  • Clinical Consortium; Legal Issues and Evaluation of Clinical Performance in Academic Dismissal 3/13/2009
  • American Physical Therapy Association Professionalism Series 1; Introduction to Professionalism 1/10/2010
  • American Physical Therapy Association Professionalism module 2: History of Professionalism 1/10/2010
  • American Physical Therapy Association Professionalism module 3: Ethical Compass 1/18/2010
  • American Physical Therapy Association Advanced Clinical Instructor training completed 1/23/2010
  • North Carolina Physical Therapy Association: presenter in a panel discussion of Teaching Students in a Private Practice Setting 4/16/2010
  • Pain-Free Chi Running with Danny Dreyer one-day seminar Asheville NC 2010
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Disorders – Level I Introduction to Concepts and Applications with Shirley A. Sahrman PT Ph.D. guest professor Duke University 8/12-13/2006
  • North Carolina Physical Therapy Association: Evidence-based Practice: What Does it Mean for the New PT, Seasoned PT, Practices and our Profession? 10/21/2008
  • APTA Defensible Documentation 2009
  • Integrated Upper Quarter Manual Therapy Course 1995 @ Medical Mission Sisters, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Introduction to Cranial Sacral Therapy 1999 @ Medical Mission Sisters Philadelphia, Pa.
  • APTA Sports Orthopedic Section; Sports Shoulder Rehabilitation Specialization Course 1995
  • PPTA; Shoulder Impingement Treatment Course with Dr. Michael Axe MD of the Baltimore Orioles, Lancaster, Pa. 1996
  • Chronic Pain Management Seminar @ Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD 1993
  • Meeting Planners Wound Care Specialty Course Williamsburg, VA 1992  
  • When the Foot Hits the Ground Everything Changes, Philadelphia, Pa., 1991
  • MFR 1(Myofascial Release) with John Barnes, Edison, NJ, sent to course courtesy of Temple University 1990
  • Multiple in-house courses and Trauma rounds with Brandywine Trauma Hospital over 10-year association/employment with them.
  • Medicare Abuse and Fraud Course with American Physical Therapy Association at RAN meeting 2014
  • Module 1: Understanding Parkinson’s Disease and the Growth of Physical Therapy as a Viable Treatment Option. July 31, 2014. APTA Learning Center. 2 CCUs
  • Module 2: Understanding the Impact of Exercise on the Brain and Choosing Outcome Measures to Capture Change Following Exercise. August 2, 2014, APTA Learning Center, 2 CCUs
  • Module 3: Evidence-Based Physical Therapy Intervention for Persons with Parkinson’s Disease, August 3, 2014, APPTA Learning Center, 2 CCUs
  • Module 4: Maximizing Patient Outcomes For Patients with Parkinson’s: Exploring Options and Creating Connections between Patient, Family, Health, August 3, 2014, APTA Learning Center, 2 CCUs
  • Manual Therapy and Corrective Therapeutics of the Extremities: A “Practical” Application of the Evidence for All Clinicians, October 9, 2014, NCPTA Fall Conference Course, John O’Halloran, PT, DPT, OCS, CertMDT, ATC, CSCS, 1.5 CCUs. A fabulous, fun, dynamic course for manual therapy and functional exercise in clinic!
  • Motor Control Training for Low Back Pain, October 9, 2014, NCPTA Fall Conference Course, Paul Weiss, PT, DipMDT, 1.5 CCUs.
  • Functional Myofascial Therapy: Cervical Spine, October 11, 2014, NCPTA Fall Conference Course, Aaron LeBauer, PT, DPT, LMBT, 1.5 CCUs, Good basic manual course with helpful review
  • Certified in Dry Needling (Cert.DN), Licensure: Currently licensed in North Carolina.
  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • APTA North Carolina (APTA-NC)
  • Rehabilitation Associates Network (RAN)
  • Independent Practicing Physical Therapists (IPPT)
  • Elon University Outstanding Clinical Instructor Award December 11, 2016
  • Sandhills Community College Distinguished Alumnus Award 2012
  • Sandhills Community College Student Government President 1987-1988
  • North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association (N4CSGA) Vice President 1986-1988
  • Top Artist Award for the graduating class of Lampeter Strasburg High School 1975
  • Burroughs Scholar in Art 1974
  • Gold Key Award Winner
  • Scholastic Art Awards 1971
  • 2018 International Aberdeen Sardine Queen At the 26th Annual Festival