Student Information

Currently, we take students from Winston-Salem State University, Elon University, Methodist University, Tennessee State University, and East Carolina University. If you don’t see your institution listed here, please check with your academic clinical coordinator to establish a clinical site with us if our practice interests you.

Clinical Instructors

Dr. Terry Young PT, DPT, Cert.DN credentialed advanced clinical instructor since 2010. Position CCC1 and C1.

Terry has been mentoring students since 1991 and has 29–30 years of clinical instruction experience. Dr. Young is currently our primary instructor.

Dr. Kellie Baker PT, DPT

Dr. Baker has recently started taking students on to mentor them. Students are matched to Kellie, dependent on student needs and level of clinical experiences.


Rick also takes on students based on clinical experience level and need.


Our clinic takes our mentoring responsibilities very seriously. We understand none of us would be where we are without excellent learning experiences and clinicians taking time and interest in our personal growth. We challenge students on clinicals in our practice to bridge formal education to clinical applications. Our goal is to push our student clinicians out of their comfort zone to make evidence-based clinical decisions with respect to individual patient needs. Clinical decision-making skills are important to learn. We use a 1:1 model of co-treatment with students and clinical instructors. We also use real-time or same-day feedback.

Orientation Process

We require our affiliating students to visit the clinic for an appointment with their instructor prior to their clinical experience. Most students prefer to meet the Sunday before their clinical start date when there are no patients in the clinic. We orient everyone to clinical expectations, physical plant, daily logistics, and work times. Students get to know their C1 before the actual clinic experience. We feel “preloading “students before the clinical helps ease everyone into clinical work with expectations in place. Students will be able to assess the clinic EMR and be well prepared for the first day. All students will be required to view “Treating Pain Using the Brain “by David Butler prior to the first day at the clinical experience.

Dress is casual/athletic/comfortable but professional. Many of us wear running shoes. Name tags are required. We are a manual clinic and must be comfortable enough to get on a table, demonstrate exercises, and work for a day on her feet. Personal clinic body mechanics are important and will be emphasized. Since we are a private practice with years of involvement in our organizations, we will make every attempt to help our students understand the importance and responsibility of being a doctoring profession. Lodging/living options AHAC has apartment space available to students on a first-come, first-serve basis about 2 miles from the clinic. Many of our students have stayed at the same local Air B&B during their clinical. Some students have spent part of their clinical with Terry and Rick at their home, dependent on lodging needs (for a nominal fee.)

We request that students be vaccinated for COVID-19 before clinical experiences with us to protect patients and staff. We expect students to be present for scheduled staff meetings and activities. Students will also be encouraged to participate in any educational organization meetings such as combined sections with the APTA or events with APTA-NC. Most students will be required to present a 30-48 minute inservice to staff. The subject matter is of the student’s choosing but must be applicable to the APTA setting. Physical therapy assistant students are considered for mentoring with APTW upon request and availability.

Shadowing and Volunteering

Shadow and volunteering in the physical therapy setting are required for admittance to most PT and PTA schools. We accept high school and college students for shadowing and volunteering. All applicants must send a resume and schedule an interview. Many of our volunteers have moved into a paying tech position with us before returning to school.